How to make CMS website free

what is CMS: 

CMS is an abbreviation of "Content Management System". A CMS is a product / computer application or set of related codes that utilized to create and manage computerized content using an easy / user friendly interface to abstract low-level minutiae. It’s also support multiple users working environment. It’s are regularly utilized for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content administration (WCM). An ECM provides collaboration between the workplace by mixing document administration, digital asset management, records holding & deliver end workers with role-based access to administration's digital resources. A WCM provides help to collaborative authoring for websites. Usually ECM software Already have WCM functionalities, but ECM webpages characteristically remain backend the organization's firewall.

Both ECM & WCM have two main components:
  1. ·       Content Management Application (CMA)
  2. ·       Content Delivery Application (CDA).
CMA is based on graphical interface (GUI) that permits to user control the formation, alteration & elimination of content from relevant website without sense about HTML PHP or coding. CDA facilitate the back-end functionality & services that provides management and distribution of contents firstly that created by users using CMA.
Free Custom CMS Content Management Syaytem for universtiy / small / big compnies
Development of Content Management Website:
If you want to create a custom content management system. You need to show expertise in web languages but If you need CMS for desktop you need expertise in OS Languages for example in these days .Net platform used for both web & desktop Software. But if have not capability to do both types of language you can contact us on our official site SmartBaba. N the others way if you want to make itself & you have not skills then you will read about CMS & find open source on our different platform. You just need to learn basic HTML, PHP & database can be from Oracle or MySQL. No need to learn a lot about data base queries just insert, delete, replace, update, display & connectivity of DB you should know. You will create easily your own CMS.


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